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Monday Motivational Move - 'Sit to Stand' and how to advance the move

Sit to stand is a functional exercise we all do every day. Are you doing it correctly? Is there room for improvement?

The video demonstrates how to sit to stand correctly and how to become stronger by advancing the move throughout your daily activity. Every time you get up from your chair do 5 to 10 squats; just imagine how many squats you will have done by the end of the day.

If you experience any difficulty or pain with this movement seek advice from a health professional.

If you find you are struggling as a result of aches and pains in your hips or knees and your sit to stand does not improve you may benefit from joining our 5* rated Hip and Knee Course.

The Hip and Knee Course is suitable for those who:

- have chronic and long term pain

- have had or are waiting for joint replacement surgery

-, want to manage hip and knee pain

- want to be more active.

The course is led by Jacob, one of UPL's Physiotherapists, and includes modified exercises (to suit your ability), all equipment, physio support throughout the course and refreshments whilst during a weekly Q&A session with Jacob.

You can expect to gain strength, flexibility and improve balance to help prevent falls, alleviate and reduce aches and pains, improve health/reduce stress on the respiratory system and increase energy levels to be more active.

The class is held each Thursday at 10am in our large studio and the course costs £85.00.

Happy client feedback:

Good progression through sessions and an opportunity to challenge oneself with expert advice and correction. Has raised awareness of current limitations and the way forward. Thank you!

Contact us if you would like further information or to book a place. We look forward to

hearing from you.

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