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Combining deep tissue massage with stretching techniques, our sports massages are designed to help proactively enhance muscle conditioning and help treat most soft tissue injuries.

By tailoring each sports massage to the client’s individual needs, we aim to enable clients to get more from their chosen sport – realigning muscles, identifying tight spots, breaking down scar tissue and helping to determine if certain muscles are at risk of overuse and injury.

Clients visit our Peterborough clinic for sports massage treatments to help with:

Sports related conditions

Employing specialised techniques our sports massage treatments can be used to reinvigorate aching, tired and heavy muscles and to reduce stiffness and fatigue. Furthermore, our sports massages can help treat tissue, tendon and ligament problems throughout the body.

Match and training session recovery

We have developed pre and post exercise sports massages that aim to improve preparation and recovery from the most rigorous and physically demanding activities.

Performance optimisation

We are experienced in working with clients keen to optimise their sporting performance by helping them to enhance their suppleness and flexibility. In addition, our sports massages can prove to be an effective remedy for a wide range of problems from whiplash to frozen shoulders and knees.

Sports massage for long-term health and relaxation

Our sports massages don’t only prove beneficial to people who participate in sport. Many of our Physiotherapy clients find our sports massages to be an effective follow-on treatment, to aid the maintenance of muscle, tendon and ligament health long-term.


Furthermore, as all of our sports massages are tailored to the individual’s needs, and target specific areas causing aches and pains, many clients find our deep tissue massages to be a highly effective means of relaxation.

What can I expect from an initial sports massage assessment?

Before we commence with any sports massage treatment, we will start with an initial assessment. This will likely commence with a discussion regarding any aches or pains you are experiencing, how and when the discomfort occurs, and what you would like to achieve from the sports massage. In doing so, helping our therapist to try to identify if there are any underlying injuries or problems that mean a sports massage would not be a suitable treatment. This initial assessment allows us to offer you the most effective and beneficial treatment.


Once we fully understand what you’re feeling we can then proceed with a treatment designed to specifically address your individual needs.


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