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Your initial consultation with one of our trained Physiotherapists will likely start with a discussion about the pain you are experiencing. Keen to understand your pain, the conversation may explore when you started to feel the pain, what aggravates and eases it, the treatments you have tried so far and the level of pain intensity.

We will then often look at your movement, potentially looking at which movements are restricted or causing pain, your muscle strength and the surrounding muscle, ligament and joint structures.

Once we fully understand what you’re feeling, how you are moving and where your restrictions lie, we will commence a physical assessment. We may perform a hands-on examination to assess your joint mobilisation, aiming to identify which areas are sensitive, which are stiff or conversely moving too much, trigger points, muscle knots and tightening of the fascia.

Once we have completed these steps we will advise on a treatment plan. The plan will often combine:

Recommended therapy: We offer an extensive range of Physiotherapy treatments including joint mobilisation therapy, soft tissue massage, spinal mobilisation therapy, acupuncture, cupping therapy and ultrasound

Recommended exercises: We can provide clients with a personalised exercise plan and offer modified pilates and yoga classes designed to aid recovery and maintain strength long term

Recommended lifestyle adjustments: We may also advise of small changes you could make to how you walk, sit or run to help alleviate pain and discomfort


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