At Ultimate Performance Lifestyle our yoga classes are taught by Helen Manning, a fully qualified Pilates and Yoga teacher. We started teaching Hatha Yoga classes at our purpose built Peterborough studio in 2015 and they have been popular ever since.

Our Hatha Yoga classes target strengthening the body from the inside, teaching physical poses with controlled breathing, incorporating an element of spirituality and meditation, and each class closes with a dedicated period focused on deep relaxation.

By holding the physical poses, designed to help maintain healthy joints and muscles, participants can increase their flexibility, and support efforts to continue to enjoy an agile and supple body. These poses combined with controlled breathing, to help improve oxygenation throughout the body, can help class attendees to reduce stress and anxiety, invoke a sense of well being and achieve a stillness of mind.

At Ultimate Performance Lifestyle we keep class sizes small. This allows our teachers to walk around the class and focus on the functional ability of each participant to help ensure they are holding poses with the correct posture and alignment.

Our teachers can also offer one-to-one support and adapt each of the Hatha Yoga poses taught to meet an individuals needs and provide aids and equipment to support certain positions such as pillows, bricks and balls.

We offer two Hatha Yoga classes every week, both of which are suitable for beginners through to advanced level. Each class includes a combination of poses designed to promote increased flexibility, muscle strength and relaxation.

Hatha Yoga: New Beginnings

Monday, 10.00-11.15am
Our Monday morning Hatha Yoga class has been specifically created to help participants feel mentally and emotionally well balanced so they can get into the frame of mind they need to focus on the tasks ahead in the upcoming week.

Hatha Yoga: Young at heart

Tuesday, 11.30am-12.45pm
Our Tuesday class focuses on helping attendees to maintain the muscle health needed to move freely with continued strength, helping to prevent and control conditions such as arthritis.

Classes are booked in blocks of 6 for £55.

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