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At Ultimate Performance Lifestyle all of our Modified Pilates classes are taught by a fully qualified Physiotherapist, trained in both Pilates and biomechanical movement. We have been teaching Modified Pilates in Peterborough since we opened in 2012, we have a purpose built Pilates studio and some of our regular participants have been attending since our very first class!

The style of Pilates we teach is often very different to what many of our class participants have previously experienced. Muscular imbalances are a key contributor behind many aches and pains, such as neck and back problems. These imbalances occur when certain muscles become tight and highly toned, whilst others weaken. Our Modified Pilates classes have been specifically designed to focus on core conditioning techniques and exercises designed to strengthen weak points and correct imbalances.

Participants join our classes because they are experiencing neck pain, suffering from upper or lower back pain, recovering from an operation or injury, training for a sport, keen to rebuild core muscles post pregnancy or because they just want to enjoy the benefits of a specialised Pilates class.

Integrating the core principles of Pilates (breathing, concentration, movement, relaxation, alignment, centreing, pelvic stability, stamina and co-ordination), our experienced Physiotherapists lead class participants through exercises that have been carefully adapted to help increase flexibility and movement, improve stamina, enhance their core strength and reduce neck and back pain.

At Ultimate Performance Lifestyle we keep class sizes small. This allows our Physiotherapists to walk around the class and ensure each participant is performing exercises with the correct posture and alignment. Our teachers can adapt exercises to meet an individual's needs and provide aids and equipment to support certain positions such as pillows, bricks, large balls and small spiky massage balls.


All of our regular classes are suitable for beginners though to intermediate and advanced participants, as for each Pilates movement our Physiotherapists will carefully guide attendees through different levels.


We also offer a dedicated Post-Natal Modified Pilates Class and can provide one-to-one Pilates classes on request.

If you are unsure if our Pilates classes would be suitable for you we offer a 30 minutes dedicated Pilates assessment by a Chartered Physiotherapist for £55.

Modified Pilates Classes

Monday          12.30 - 13.10    £8.00 per class (In Studio)

Tuesday         19:00 - 19.45    £7.50 per class (Via Zoom)

Wednesday  19:00 - 20:00   £12.00 per class (In Studio)

Friday             10:00 - 11:o0    £12.00 per class (In Studio)

                        11:15 -  12:15     £12.00 per class (In Studio)

Post-Natal Modified Pilates Class

Tuesday  10:00 - 11:30  6 week course (£88.00). Price includes 6x 1hr Physio-led Pilates, Pair of Pilates socks, 2x resistance bands, complimentary hot/cold drinks with pastries served after class where the studio remains open for mums and babies to socialise in a safe environment.

Want to book a class?

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