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At Ultimate Performance Lifestyle our Post-Natal Modified Pilates class is taught by a fully qualified Physiotherapist.

We have designed this class specifically to help new mums rebuild their core muscles, confidence and well-being as they ease back into exercise after pregnancy in a relaxing, calm and controlled environment.

Pregnancy and labour can weaken and stretch abdominal muscles, as well as separate the core muscles around the belly button area, the rectus abdominis muscles, (this condition is very common and known as Diastasis Rectus). Our Post-Natal Modified Pilates class guides mums through a series of exercises specifically adapted to target and strengthen these muscle groups from deep down, aiding recovery and reducing the risk of back and spinal problems longer-term.

Post-birth it’s important new mums continue regular Pelvic floor exercises. Our Post-Natal Modified Pilates class incorporates a series of exercises dedicated to helping to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, reducing the possibility of issues occurring, while enhancing core strength, posture and stability.

We encourage mums to bring their babies along to the class with them, and stay behind afterwards to enjoy a complimentary coffee and cake with the other mums.

New mums are welcome to join the class from 6 weeks after giving birth and will be offered a complementary assessment by a Physiotherapist before they start to help ensure it is safe for them to participate.

Tuesday  10:00 - 11:30  6 week course (£88.00). Price includes 6x 1hr Physio-led Pilates, Pair of Pilates socks, 2x resistance bands, complimentary hot/cold drinks with pastries served after class where the studio remains open for mums and babies to socialise in a safe environment.


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