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Exercise for sciatica & gluteal pain whilst pregnant

I have now reached 36 weeks pregnant and boy I am I feeling it. I’m still working full time and been trying to keep as active but do feel my body is slowing down. After Christmas I came down with a cold like a lot of people in the UK. I also have developed right gluteal and sciatica pain. I believe this is due to the baby growing and putting pressure on my spine and also the way he/she is lying. I confirmed this as when I lay on my left side this moves the baby and instantly relieves my pain. Obviously I cannot stay on my left side all the time therefore I have been self treating with exercises and using the spiky balls for relief.

The exercise I demonstrate this week will show you how to use the spiky balls (not for the faint hearted) to release the spasm tight muscles into the gluteals and also how to activate the muscles which have become weak. Straight after doing these exercises I feel instant relief.

To help me continue with pregnancy pain free and strong I am continuing with these exercises but had to admit defeat and booked myself in with Rebecca the other Physiotherapist at UPL to speed my recovery. Physiotherapists are the worse at getting treatment themselves and yet this has made a massive improvement therefore a weekly visit to Rebecca until baby comes is what I intend to do and of course the exercise I demonstrate in the video.

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