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Sciatia Pain

We recently had a 40 plus gentleman attend our Physiotherapy practice in Peterborough suffering with lower back pain & with doctor google he had self diagnosed with sciatica.

After suffering for weeks and not feeling any better he decided to book an appointment with one of our professional team members.

After a full Physiotherapy assessment it was identified he had nothing serious and the pain was caused by his sitting posture and working from home. Approx 90% of back pain we see is not serious and can easily be resvoled with the right advice and treatment.

He was given advice about working from home including his desk position.

Hands on treatment to relieve tight joints & muscles helped improve his movement & reduce his pain.

Exercises were given to help improve his sitting posture muscles and to keep the spine moving.

He now takes no pain killers, sleeps well and is able to pick up his daughter pain free.

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