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Virtual Physiotherapy appointments

Updated: May 12

What is virtual Physiotherapy?

We can provide Physiotherapy consultations and treatment plans in the safety of your home. UPL Physiotherapists can make a diagnosis by listening to your story and asking some key questions. We can complete the physical examination by using video communication and then formulate a treatment plan with you.

How can you provide treatment without hands on?

Physiotherapy treatment does not only have to include a hands-on approach. Due to circumstance we cannot provide this, however other treatment methods but can be offered such as:

· Interactive exercise plans delivered to your inbox,

· Postural education,

· Changes in your environment,

· Advice on heat/cold packs,

· Pain management strategy.

Hands on treatment is one of many treatment techniques that are used by Physiotherapists. Due to COVID -19 we are unable to provide this provide this, however there is excellent evidence on the use of personalised exercises, adaptations, pain management strategies, Pilates and posture for many conditions.

Will this be covered under my insurance?

BUPA and AXAPP covers this under your Physiotherapy claims. Other insurance companies may not cover and some are still deciding. If in doubt you need to call your insurance company.

I do not have video on my phone, can I still do the virtual appointments?

This does not matter there is a conference system called Zoom which can be used on iPad, Tablets, PC’s and Laptops. If you do not have this, we can do a telephone conversation and communicate by this method and talk through things more.

What if I am unsure with the treatment how can I get in touch?

We will be happy to assist in-between appointments to ensure you feel supported at this time. We will provide you with a mobile number where someone can get back to you within a few hours.

How much will this cost?

If you are currently under Physiotherapy treatment and need follow up appointments this will be £30 and will be approximately 20-30 minutes.

If you have a new complaint we will need to do a new assessment and this will be £40 and will be approximately 30-45 minutes.

At UPL our Ethos is to provide you with a Professional Friendly service and treat you as part of one of our family. This will continue but in the safety of your home until we can meet you face to face once again.

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