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Pregnant women can exercise

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Written by Nazleen Reed, Physiotherapist, Pilates Teacher, Mummy & Pregnant

When I found out I was pregnant I felt overjoyed and the first thing I said was I’m going to keep active and continue to teach Pilates. I enjoy running, walking my dog and also playing netball. However as I had not been running before I fell pregnant I decided I should not start. I had to stop Netball although I did play 2 games in the early stages of pregnancy (without knowing) in fact I played very well and got player of the match.

Through my pregnancy as my body develops and posture changes I am expecting to get some aches and pains. To prevent the severity of this and to ensure I can continue with my busy lifestyle I am determined to stay ACTIVE and do some specific exercises daily. This is where I believe I am in a good position to share safe exercises for pregnant ladies.

As a physiotherapist I did additional training in Pilates including ante and post-natal. Whilst working in the private practice for over 9 years I have seen pregnant ladies struggling with back/hip/neck pain which is more prevalent in the second trimester. This is due to the posture changing during pregnancy as the baby develops and the bump gets bigger. This extra load puts pressure on the body as the gravity pull through the spine has changed and this is where we see the curvature of the lower back.

The physical changes which may occur during pregnancy are;

- Weak pelvic floors

- Increase lumber pressure

- Upper back and neck stiffness

- Stretched abdominal and gluteal muscles making them weak

- Tight inner thigh muscles causing public pain

- Pelvis tilted

I am in my 28th week therefore in the third trimester and still continue to work full time, run my own business, teach Pilates, and be a mum and wife and owner of an active springer spaniel.

Over the weeks of pregnancy I will give some advice to pregnant ladies to keep strong, pain free and ready for the strains of labour.

Watch this space for regular videos as my pregnancy develops.

My bump at 28 weeks

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