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Physiotherapy asks 'How are you keeping active in Autumn'? and Pilates Schedule

You must have noticed that the Autumn season is slowly creeping in? The days are seeming shorter with nights getting darker quickly. Although it is tempting to close the curtains and hibernate it is very important that we continue to move. Our bodies need movement and exercise to strengthen our muscles, work our cardiovascular system and for our general health and wellbeing.

If you are struggling with aches and pains and need some exercise inspiration we offer:

Pilates - exercise to strengthen muscles and build flexibility

Pilates for Runners/Walkers - as Pilates above with a focus on improving endurance and helping runners prepare to run longer distances

Postnatal Pilates - for mums who have recently had a baby and are looking to increase energy and return to pre-pregnancy fitness

Hip and Knee Class - a 6-week course aimed at conditioning muscles and strengthening hip and knee joints

Take a look at our class schedule. Need more information - give us a call.

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