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5 Top Tips For Back Pain

8 out of 10 people have episodes of lower back pain in the UK and this is reflected at our Peterborough Physiotherapy practice. Lower back pain can be disabling, depressing, and a worrying time if you do not know why you are experiencing it.

There are many things that go wrong with the back including, slipped discs, fractures, and sciatica. These conditions are rare and not often diagnosed for the cause of lower back pain. The main diagnosis given is ‘Nonspecific lower back pain’, this means the pain is not due to anything specific or a underlying disease. In some cases this could be due to over stretching causing a sprain of muscles and or ligaments, or problem with the vertebrae disc or the joints in spine itself. To identify the correct reason of the pain is difficult and there is no specific test to prove this. Be reassured that persistent back pain is rarely dangerous and you are very unlikely to end up in a wheelchair.

The spine is stronger than you think and loves to move and in fact movement is the key. Bed rest for back pain is dated and will not be something we or your doctor would recommend. It is Important to look after your back and not panic if you get a twinge. As a Physiotherapist it is our job to educate our patient on their condition and how they can manage it themselves. I have 5 top tips you can refer to


Keep Active. The spine is designed to move therefore movement is crucial. Movement within the spine promotes healthy discs and healthy joints.


Functional movement exercises can be achieved in Pilates & Yoga. These exercises teach the body to move in a natural way where you will improve the spine flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.


Get good quality sleep. Aiming for 7.5-8 hours sleep reduces stress and improves overall feeling of wellbeing.


Avoid Sitting for longer than 1 hour at a time. Sitting causes compression of the spine and lack of movement.


Do not fear bending. Quite often bending and lifting is associated with back injuries and pain, however this form of exercise does not age the spine but makes it stronger.

If you would like to discuss your back pain, please contact us to talk to one of our Physiotherapy Back Specialists.

We are COVID secure, Small classes in a large space, all equipment is cleaned after and before each use, Masks advised when entering the studio then can be removed once on your mat. Pilates mats are provided unless you would like to bring your own.

Contact us;

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