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Shoulder Pain/Rotator Cuff Injury and this week's Monday Movement

Shoulder pain could be for a number of reasons and most of the time this is due to muscle imbalances and tendons getting overloaded.

Rotator cuff injuries are usually heard about with sports that overloads the shoulders such as:






This does not mean if you have NOT played any of the sports listed above that you can still experience pain related to your rotator cuff muscles.

Poor posture with rolled shoulders causes weakness in upper back muscles and overtight into pectoral muscles (chest) which over time can pinch into your shoulders.

Correction of muscle imbalances with posture and hands on treatment can certainly relieve symptoms.

UPL's team of professionals aim to assess, diagnose, educate YOU and treat. We have great success with our methods and if we think we cannot help we will guide you to someone that can.

So don't suffer and think it's age related, get it Assessed - Treated- Get Better.

Want to know how we can help you? Contact us to book a FREE 10 minute chat with one of our professional team.

This week's Modified Side Bend exercise works on shoulder strength, oblique muscles, side glute muscles, hips and back - it's an exercise that ticks lots of boxes.

If you do experience any pain, please stop the exercise and contact us for further guidance.

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