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Shoulder Pain - Case Study

A lady in her 70's came in for Physiotherapy after 9 months of shoulder restriction and pain.

This came on after a fall and at the time had no reported breaks and was advised she had soft tissue injury.

This lovely lady continued to manage her pain and shoulder restriction but got fed up, as she struggled to lift her arms to put her washing out on the line. She had to rely on her family to help or was in agony after she completed the household chore.

She came in to see one of our Physiotherapists who took a detailed history, worked out her goals and what she wanted to achieve from her physiotherapy treatment. This included a full assessment of joints, spine flexibility and muscle imbalances.

A treatment plan was put in place and she was given hands on treatment at her first appointment.

This lady saw immediate results and was able to move her arm above her head pain-free. She was ecstatic with the results from just her first session and she felt she could put her washing on the line again.

This client had a further 4 treatments and was happily able to return to her normal daily tasks pain-free.

The UPL Team are here to help if you are struggling with any pain. You can contact us or book a physiotherapy appointment using the information below.


☎️ 01733 235226


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