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Postnatal Pilates Physiotherapy Led

Our classes are aimed at mums getting their fitness back and safely exercise after having a baby. Physiotherapy led therefore you will be under professional guidance.

This class is suitable for all mothers and helps with

✅ repair post C-section,

✅ diastasis recti (abdominal separation),

✅ core & pelvic floor strength,

✅ posture correction,

✅ strength & endurance.


“I can't praise Naz's postnatal Pilates

enough & would recommend it to every

mum I know. It's tailored to you & your

body challenging and calming in all the

right measure”. Rosin (Mum of 2).

What’s included?

This will be a 6 week class which will be progressed each week where you can feel and see the difference. The classes will include....

✔️ A virtual Pre Pilates Assessment by the Physiotherapist teaching the class.

✔️ 6 x 1 hour Physio-led Pilates.

✔️ Your own resistance bands, 1 for upper body & 1 for hip and lower limb strength.

✔️ Pair of Pilates socks.

✔️ 30 minutes after class to socialise with other mums in a friendly safe environment.

✔️ Tea/coffee with fresh pastries each week.

✔️ Expert advice on hand for any postnatal issues from your experienced Physiotherapist & mother.

£88 for the block of 6 weeks.

Tuesdays 10.00am -11.30am (includes 30 mins social time after).

✳️ Classes will be be small so limited spaces available.

Want to book?


📞 01733 235226


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