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Pilates for Runners

Running in Peterborough is becoming more popular and is a great way to keep fit and healthy but it does come with aches & pains as well as injuries.

If you are running for leisure, competing or training for a race from 5 km or a marathon. The discipline to train can be sometimes daunting.

At our Peterborough Physiotherapy practice we treat runners weekly for injuries occurred through this form of exercise, sometimes due to the increase of training or imbalances in the body.

Running alone for training without any strength & conditioning can lead to injuries, aches & pains.

Our classes are taught in our large purpose built studio with all mats & small equipment are provided.

They are taught by Nicky Morgan a cross country and track competitive runner and Pilates instructor. She has experienced her own injuries through running and in-fact started learning Pilates due to this. Since Nicky has been practicing Pilates for runners she has seen an improvement in her own running stance and has returned to competing.

Pilates for runners has been especially designed for “Runners” looking at the Bio-mechanics involved therefore benefits can include

✅ Improve balance.

✅ Education on Posture & running stance.

✅ Strengthen core & pelvic muscles.

✅ Prevent injury and aid recovery.

✅ Resist fatigue therefore improve distance & time.

✅ Improve flexibility to prevent stiff achy joints & muscles.

A weekly Pilates for runners class will be run to build upon your strength, flexibility & balance to improve performance.

£11 per class

or book package

£60.50 for 6 (to be used over 8 weeks)

£99 for 10 (to be used over 14 weeks).

‼️We are COVID secure and have a big studio with small classes. All equipment is sanitised before & after use.

To book online below 👇🏼


📞 01733 235226



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