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Peterborough Physio-led Monday Movement

Today's Monday Motivational Move is a great exercise for helping stretch the spine; especially the upper back, as we spend a lot of time sitting forward we need to get a good back extension. The push-up exercises are modified* and can be completed at your desk/table or kitchen workshop.

*Modified moves allows you different options to progress strength and flexibility.

For example, one exercise is worked with the elbows going outwards and then another version with elbows going inward - this works on the different muscles around your arms, shoulders and upper back.

If you have tight or sore shoulders be careful. You should not get sharp pains or pinching. If you do 'STOP' and seek some professional advice.

If you are struggling with aches and pains we are running a Sports Massage special offer for a limited time only, with our new Sports Therapist, Abi.

We are offering a 45 minute massage for the price of a 30 minute massage - £38 - which saves you £10!

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, or would like further information on our services, please contact us using the buttons below.

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