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Peterborough Phantoms Fan

Becks had an excited young lady in this week for Physiotherapy to look at her knee pain. Lily and her family are season ticket holders for Peterborough Phantoms Ice Hockey team and had chosen to use us as we are the lead Physiotherapists for all the players.

We have been supporting the Phantoms for over 4 years now and are proud of their success last season being 3 Cup Winners. Ice hockey is a demanding contact sport and does put pressure and force on the body. This is why we are here to pick the players up and treat their injuries or conditions so they keep going on the ice.

As part of the players training Naz liaised with Slava Koulikov the head coach and ran a Physio-led Pilates class. You can catch this class on our Facebook page under videos and live.

Robert Ferrara enjoyed the class so much he continued to attend the Tuesday evening over the summer. This too can be seen via our Facebook page.

Corey McEwen was in this week for an injury he sustained on the ice. With special care and attention to his injury including the right rehab exercises, and of course the love of our K9 therapist "Poppy" you will see Corey on the ice very soon.

If you have not been down to watch Phantoms play then check out their fixtures and pop down to an exciting game Sunday evenings at Peterborough Planet Ice. It is a great family night out with entertainment for the children. see the link below.

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