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Keeping strong during labour

We are please to announce the arrival of our daughter "Bobbi Maggie Reed". She was born on Sunday 3rd February 2019 weighing just 6lb 4oz.

Labour was long winded and I did think with the second child it would be quicker but this was not true well in my case anyway. During the early stages of labour I went for a walk at hills and hollows to see if I could fast forward my labour signs and progress. On route back to our car I decided to climb one of the many steep hills as my last attempt to get things going. I then took 10 steps then I felt my waters started to break and then they completely broke when we got to the car to my daughters amusement.

Although Bobbi took her time to arrive and reflecting back on the experience I did have a relatively easy birth. I found the use of the TENS machine during contractions helped me manage the pain and the use of gas and air at the end. What I did notice was when I was mobile the contractions came more rapidly as I did lay down at one point and delayed the contractions from 2 minutes apart to 6 minutes.

The big question would be .... Did doing my Pilates and keeping active during pregnancy help me with my labour?

I would say it did not help me fasten the progression of labour I do believe we have no control over this and baby will come when baby is ready. It did help me keep mobile during labour and I did feel strong using my pelvic muscles when I needed to push. It also helped with recovery as I had no stitches or complications therefore I was up and about as soon as Bobbi was born. Don't get me wrong I still find giving birth the most painful and demanding thing I have done and take my hat off to all mothers. Would I do this again? That again is a question often asked and another story to be told.

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