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Gluteal Muscle Exercise for Monday's Movement

UPL are pleased to share this week's Monday Movement. Naz demonstrates the exercise and guides you through step by step. It's time to get 'lazy butts' working with this week's exercise.

When you sit down you are not activating your gluteal muscles which are the largest group of muscles in your body. The glutes play an important role in holding your body upright, helping you to move throughout the day and stabilising your body during exercise.

It is a great exercise for:

- lower back pain

- tight hamstrings

- those working at a computer and spend time sitting

- weak gluteals

This exercise can be repeated every other day to build gluteal strength.

If you experience any pain please stop the exercise and contact us for further guidance.

Gluteal muscle strength can be improved by doing Pilates. We run weekly classes here in our large studio at UPL and it would be great to see you join us. Please note that our Friday 10am class is full.

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