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Don't add “stress”to your Christmas list this year!

Christmas is a joyful time of the year but can also be stressful! Therefore we need to ensure we enjoy Christmas and not make ourselves ill. Stress and emotion is one of the common causes for lower back pain and certainly is not something you want to add to your Christmas list!

Ultimate Performance Lifestyle has these 5 Top Tips to help you stay fit and healthy with a pain free back for the festive holiday:

1. Exercise – go for a 30 minute walk, cycle, fitness class. This is great help to lower stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins and improves sleep and self-image.

2. Connect with a friend – this gives us a good support network where we can talk about our troubles. Activities with friends help us to relax.

3. Me time – in the UK we work the longest hours in Europe and have little time for ourselves. NHS guidelines recommend 2 nights a week; this could be a relaxed class (Pilates/Yoga), walk, catch up with friends or a massage.

4. Back exercises – stretches and strength exercises for your back daily will help your back stay strong and flexible. We like to say “10 minutes a day keeps a bad back away”.

5. Make a list – plan your weeks with a to-do list but concentrate and prioritise your tasks. Leave the least important tasks to last and accept your in-tray will always be full.

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