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Back Pain exercise and specialised Pilates for Back Pain Course

Naz, Physiotherapist at UPL shares today's Monday Motivational Movement. Today's exercise provides a great stretch if you have upper/lower back stiffness or back pain.

The stretch includes a thoracic rotation and is great for:

- upper and lower back stiffness

- back pain

- pectoral (chest) stiffness

- people who sit a lot eg. desk work.

You should not experience any pain doing this exercise. If you do, please stop and contact a health professional for further advice.

If you suffer with back pain ... did you know that we run a specialised course 'Pilates for Back Pain' here in UPL's large studio? The 6-week course is physiotherapis-led with exercises modified to suit individual needs. The next course starts on 11 March at a cost of £75.

Who is it suitable for?

- Chronic and long term back pain

- Back injury

- Disc degeneration

- Recovering from a disc bulge

- Postnatal back pain

- Sciatica

- Want to manage back pain

What's included?

- Pre-course physiotherapist telephone call to discuss your goals to ensure you try and achieve them

- Physio-led Pilates class on the big Swiss Ball

- Physio support throughout the course

- 15 minute stretch and relaxation at the end of each class

- Homework plan of exercises

- Learn to manage your back pain with physiotherapy and Pilates

- WhatsApp support group

If you would like any further information or to book a place please contact us.

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