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5 main reasons to Run with 5 Top Tips - by Nazleen Reed (Sports Physiotherapist in Peterborough).

There are many benefits to run here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Burns calories fast therefore loosing weight, it roughly burns 100 calories per mile (depends on many variants).

  2. Improves mental health and depression (we all need this at the moment).

  3. Is cheap, all you need is a pair of trainers and running gear.

  4. It improves quality of sleep

  5. Improves your immune system which is what we all want at this present time.

As a Physiotherapist I know how important it is Not to go straight out there and run a mile or two. Therefore I have some great top tips for running.

  1. If you are a beginner then the couch to 5km is a great method to use. There are many Apps out there to choose from, it is a designed plan to introduce running to your body in a safe and controlled way.

  2. Do some strength and conditioning exercises 2 x a week this could be Pilates, Yoga, or a gym session. Incorporating this type of exercise into your running plan will reduce risk of injury.

  3. Eat 30 minutes before your run something nutritious like fruit, malt loaf or oats. I often have a slice of peanut butter on toast. You do not need loads of water a glass will be just fine.

  4. Try running without any earphones in and take in the scenery and noise around. For many years I ran to music until one day I forgot my earphones and after the run I felt more relaxed and tranquil, since then I do not run to music and listen to the birds, running stream, smell the trees and pollen. Go on try it.

  5. Run for fun don’t put pressure on yourself to run and get to a target as this can put you off the whole experience. I remember many years ago I was training for Peterborough’s half marathon and felt pressured to run to the point I was not enjoying it. Then one day I told myself there was no pressure to do the event and the next day I got up early and went out for my best run I had done in months and enjoyed it.

Have I inspired you to put your trainers on and get out there?

If you would like some support from other like minded runners then join our Facebook group ‘Runners for beginners’. We share tips, advise, support and includes videos of exercises which enhance running.

Look out for Pilates for runners course starting in January 2022.

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