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3 Top Exercises for Neck pain and Headaches

At our Physiotherapy practice in Peterborough we are seeing more complaints of neck pain and headaches. We believe this is due to the increase number of people working from home.

Headaches can come from the neck with over tight muscles & stiff cervical spine, this then puts tension on this area producing the pain & discomfort.

These are 3 key exercises we prescribe and Naz Reed our Chartered Physiotherapist uses these personally.

1️⃣ Chin tucks hold for 10 seconds repeat 8-10 times.

2️⃣ Scapula retraction (pinching shoulder blades together) hold for 10 seconds repeat 8-10 times.

3️⃣ Levator scapula (neck) stretch hold for 30 seconds repeat twice.

If you would like a FREE exercise sheet of these exercises then get in touch below 👇🏼


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