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Physiotherapy/Pilates Monday's Movement and November Events

A big hello to November! The month of fireworks, gratitude and, dare we say it, the lead up to the festive season. During these busy times it is important to schedule in time to care for you! We have two new events starting in November and full details are below.

Talking of caring for yourself, before you get too busy with festive activities, book in your Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy or Deep Tissue Massage using 'Book Appointment' at the end of this article.

Now it's time for Monday's Movement. This week is a Pilates exercise demonstrated by Nicky Morgan, our Pilates teacher. This exercise is good for strengthening your pelvic/back/core muscles whilst controlling your spine.

! This is an advanced move so please do not try it if you are experiencing back pain at the moment. Look out for our lower level Pilates exercises or get in touch and we can send you an alternative exercise.

What's new at UPL in November?

We have been running a 6-week Physiotherapy-led Hip and Knee Course which has greatly benefitted all those who have attended and they have rated the course 5*. This starts on Thursday 3 November at 10am. It's not too late to join - we do still have limited spaces available.

Having any hip/knee aches and pains can get you down and we don't want you to struggle on your own. There's good news - you don't need to. We are here to help you strengthen and improve your flexibility. The UPL Team understand you may have doubts about starting a new form of exercise. That's why we invite you to talk to a Physiotherapist before making any commitment. New for this course - we are offering £15 per class so you can meet our team and 'test drive' the class before you commit. Following the exercise there is opportunity to talk to the UPL Team and have refreshments. Don't take our word for it; a mum and daughter team fed back "my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed this course and were with a lovely bunch of people. The exercises have really helped us both and my knee isn't giving way like it used to".

Also starting in November we have a new block of Physiotherapy-led Postnatal Pilates; this starts on Tuesday 8 November at 10am. This group is designed for new mums with babies 6 weeks+ and allows mums to exercise - both you and your baby get a Pilates mat and toys are provided. Following the exercise there will be time to meet other mums, talk to the Physiotherapist and have refreshments. A very grateful first-time mum commented "I absolutely enjoyed the class. The exercises were designed to work the right muscles, my baby girl enjoyed watching other babies and us moving and chatting with other mums over some tea with pastries were all I needed to start the day in great form - thank you Naz and the entire team".

If you would like any information about the courses above, our Pilates classes, or our availability for Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy or Deep Tissue Massage please do not hesitate to contact us.

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