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Long-term Effects Of COVID (Long COVID)

We have been noticing in our Peterborough Physio Practice that we are having a high inflex of patients that are experiencing Long Covid symptoms and are struggling to shake them off.

At this Physio Practice we are here to help anyone with any sort of problems they are having.

Long COVID has affected people in different ways.

This can vary from;

✔️ Joint pain,

✔️ Back pain,

✔️ Breathlessness,

✔️ Lack of energy and extreme tiredness,

✔️ Depression & anxiety.

This is now classed as a medical condition but we are still learning about this illness and how to treat and rehab effectively.

The difference in our Physiotherapy assessments and treatments is we not only care and listen to your complaints but also give a full Physiotherapy examination to identify imbalances and talk through how it has affected your lifestyle.

We then talk through a treatment plan with you so we can reach appropriate goals you want to achieve and give professional advice on adaptions, exercise and pacing which can make a difference in your recovery.

⭐️ If you want to book an appointment or talk to see if we can help you.

📞 01733 235226



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