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Knee Osteoarthritis - Peterborough Physiotherapist Advice and Exercises

Have you been told you have Osteoarthritis of your knees?

You may have heard terms used such as:

✔️ arthritis

✔️ degenerative

✔️ old age

✔️ wear and tear

✔️ age related

This can be disheartening and leave you feeling there is nothing you can do.

If you have been given the diagnosis of Osteoarthritis (OA) of your knees this does not mean you have to wait for a replacement operation or pop loads of painkillers.

Physical activity, such as land based exercises, can improve muscle strength, increase flexibility and in turn reduce pain.

Exercise is a preferred course of treatment for OA Knee and is far safer than Pharmaceutical or surgical approaches which have higher risks. We have 5 key exercises below to help you!

We run a 6-week course of Hip & Knee classes which are Physiotherapy-led and these take place on Thursdays at 10am. We provide refreshments after the class and a chat with others in the same boat, and a Q&A with a Physiotherapist. Our first course was rated 5 stars!

Want to know more?

📞 01733 235226



Naz our practice owner and Senior Physiotherapist has done a video of 5 key exercises for knee pain on our YouTube channel.

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