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Did you know we do regular training at UPL?

The training given this month was Dry Cupping Therapy. You may have experienced Cupping with us at UPL and if so, you would have felt the benefits.

As part of our professional development we keep up to date with recent studies, and evidence to support the treatment and diagnosis we provide. Naz led the training this month and looked for studies to support Cupping treatment. As Cupping is very much Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is little research to support its effects compared to Pharmaceutical studies. However, we did find some evidence that Dry Cupping therapy is good for

Chronic neck pain

· Non-specific lower back pain

· Anterior knee pain

Cupping therapy has been proposed to be effective treatment for pain and has similarities with Acupuncture (which we also provide). If you would like to know about this subject or any other treatment, we provide at UPL please get in touch.

To watch a video of Moving Dry Cupping on “Hannah” our Sports Therapist please click on the link below.

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